Into Grim Air (Comment to Author)

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Subject: Aug 6 – July 1970 Air Canada crash

Hi Ian,

I enjoyed your article “Into Grim Air” but I think the crash occurred on a Sunday not a Monday.

I was living in Montreal and my sister was flying to British Columbia (where she has been ever since.) At the time a ticket to Vancouver allowed you to embark from either Montreal or Toronto so when she was offered a lift to Toronto a few days before with friends she took it. However she forgot her ticket at home and asked me to go to the airport and make arrangements to replace it. I was at the Air Canada ticket counter in Dorval airport on that beautiful sunny Sunday morning, July 5, 1970. I assume that I was surrounded by the passengers and crew who boarded that flight.
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Into Grim Air

Despite this week’s close call at the Toronto airport, statistics confirm that flying is the safest form of travel. But try telling that to your irrational mind.

Saturday, August 6, 2005, The Toronto Globe and Mail, Updated at 10:00 AM EDT

No casualties. That was a good breath out, when the news came two hours after the Air France Airbus A-340 slid off the runway in Toronto this week — though it must have been terrifying to be in that plane, the smoke, the fire, the pushing, the non-opening slides under the emergency doors, the slides you seldom think about even during the safety presentation at the beginning of the flight.
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