I was born in Montreal but, like so many other ‘anglos’, now live in Toronto. I build and optimize WordPress websites for search engines. I also run half marathons and attend regular yoga and Pilates classes. My wife Bev and I like to hike and play golf. Life is good and I am a lucky man. I am an antitheist.

For 25 years I managed the family business which evolved from a lumber wholesaler into a DIY home improvement distributor. The 70’s & 80’s were very good but we had to close the business in the 90’s because globalization and business technology made our services redundant. For seven years I owned and operated a computer training franchise, Productivity Point International, which I sold in 2002.

Since 2002, in EmpowerYou.ca, I help entrepreneurs, small businesses, family businesses, professionals, not-for-profits, and individuals with Internet marketing and business technology. My experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, business management, business technology, and volunteering gives excellent value to my clients.

Ron Foreman at 5 years old I was born in 1945 in Montreal, Canada and grew up with six sisters. My father and mother owned a lumber business so we had a comfortable life. I studied at the University of New Brunswick from 1963-67.
Barbara Foreman and Ron Foreman, Summer 1953 With my sister Barbara Foreman at Higgins Beach, Maine, summer 1953.
Fishing in LaVerendrye Park Fishing with my Dad in Quebec’s La Verendrye Park around 1962.
Ken and Betty Foreman Family Reunion July, 2006 The family, l to r, Bev, Patti, Kara, Mom, Ron, Kathy, Barbara, Marilyn. (We lost our father in 1993.)

Ron Foreman

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