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Hi Ian,

I enjoyed your article “Into Grim Air” but I think the crash occurred on a Sunday not a Monday.

I was living in Montreal and my sister was flying to British Columbia (where she has been ever since.) At the time a ticket to Vancouver allowed you to embark from either Montreal or Toronto so when she was offered a lift to Toronto a few days before with friends she took it. However she forgot her ticket at home and asked me to go to the airport and make arrangements to replace it. I was at the Air Canada ticket counter in Dorval airport on that beautiful sunny Sunday morning, July 5, 1970. I assume that I was surrounded by the passengers and crew who boarded that flight.

I went home and played a game of softball with my buddies in Kirkland and returned to the house to hear the awful news.

Some other tidbits about this accident:

  • Pete Henderson, the pilot, was a member of the Beaconsfield Golf Club.
  • Walter Cronkite quoted the line from the black box, ‘Sorry Pete’ on the CBS Evening News.
  • There is a monument to several of the victims in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto. Many were families with young children on their way to LA, perhaps to Disneyland.
  • I believe that as a result of this accident aircraft were subsequently made so that the spoilers could not be deployed until the aircraft was on the ground.
  • My former father-in-law, an aeronautical engineer, always said he would prefer to fly in bad weather; the crew was more alert.
  • Even today, parts of wreckage and human remains continue to work their way to the surface of the field where the crash occurred.


Ron Foreman

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