The Toronto Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group Survivor’s Forum, July 26, 2006

Aaron Bacher, Paul Gauthier, Ron Foreman, Marc Durocher, Frank Zoebelein, Ray Turner, Gordon Burchill

I was one of six presenters at the Toronto Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group, Survivor Forum, July 26, 2006. Slideshow

Here is my presentation.

Hi everyone! My name is Ron Foreman and I moved to Toronto 2 years ago from Montreal where I was born in 1945. I’ve always been physically active: swimming, skiing, long distance running, and more. I haven’t smoked since I was a teenager, have been sensible with my eating and alcohol consumption, and have had a PSA every 2 years since I was 50.

Late last fall, in 2005, my PSA went from 3 to 7. I had a biopsy on January 13th of this year and received the results on January 25th: Stage T1C and Gleason 6; and that’s good news as far as prostate cancer is concerned.
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Progress Report

This is for my family and friends who ask about me and for all of the men who will go through this is future. Here is some information about the after effects of brachytherapy.

It’s been 14 days exactly since I had the surgery, if that is the right term. It took less than an hour to implant 88 iodine 125 seeds. Because of anaethesia it was painless and I was back on my feet almost immediately. The only complaint (if I’m allowed one because I must remember we are fighting cancer) is waking frequently at night needing to pee but having a weak stream. This comes from the swelling of the prostate squeezing the urethra. However it gets better every day and should be gone in another two weeks. And brachytherapy is so much easier than external beam radiation or surgery. However the cancer must be early stage or brachytherapy is not an option.

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My PSA test results rose from the 2’s and 3’s four and five years ago to 7 & 8 last fall. In January I had a TRUS Biopsy and cancer was detected. The stage was T1C. More about the stage. My Gleason scale is 6.

One of the treatments I am considering is brachytherapy. Some famous prostate cancer patients. And more.