Hi Ron

We haven’t had the opportunity to meet (yet) but I wanted to let you know how you’ve inspired me through your photos. I came across your “Jean’s Marines” photo stories quite by accident while searching for something on the internet and must say the slide show brought me to tears and gave me the ‘kick in the butt’ I needed.

You really portrayed the emotion, dedication and down right fun all these wonderful ladies experienced in 2005. I must admit at times I was a little sad to not be a part of something so wonderful….I will change this in 2006 with thanks to you.

You showed me something that I would never have experienced otherwise. I do hope that you will continue to post your pictures of this spectacular group through 2006 and in turn continue to motivate others such as myself. I only wish that I lived closer to the city so that I too could join this wonderful group and partake in the support that you share with one another.

Congratulations on your marathon achievement.

Thank you for giving me the motivation. I have since joined the Running Room and someday hope to join the small percentage that can proudly say …. I am a marathoner…..thanks to your wonderful photos I know it’s a possibility.

Proudly running (ummm…shuffling slowly but improving) with a smile,


Lina Difelice

Hi Ron:
Just a quick note to thank you once again for a brilliant presentation to my 2 Career Study classes at Loretto College School on January 26. Not only did they benefit tremendously from your experience, knowledge and expertise….I can’t start to tell you how much I learned! I envy your computer savvy & wish I had your talent & gifts! Have a great week! I’ll keep in touch!
Lina Difelice
Instructor: Career Studies Independent Research and Personal Exploration