Calendar of Purple Martin Arrivals and Departures at Beaconsfield, Quebec, 1989-1998

Purple Martins Male and Female

The Purple Martin (Progne subis) is the largest North American swallow. These aerial acrobats have speed and agility in flight, and when approaching their housing, will dive from the sky at great speeds with their wings tucked.

Martins depart Aug 6 /89.

Martins arrive Apr 26,27.
Martins depart Aug 19/90.

Swallows arrive Apr 5/91
Martins arrive Apr 26/91
Martins depart Aug 6/91

Swallows arrive Apr 16/92-Spring very late this year, ice still on bay.
Martins arrive April 21/92
Martins depart Aug 1/92

Ice out of bay April 13/93
Swallows arrive April 17/93
First Heron sighted April 19/93
Martins arrive April 21/93
Martins depart weekend Aug 8/93-some seen again Aug 10/11
Ice begins to form in bay mid December

Last ice out of bay April 19th
Swallows arrive April 15th
Martins arrive April 21
Martins leave Aug 9
Ice forms mid December

Early spring golf course opens last week of March
Ice out of bay last week of March
Swallows arrive April 17
Martin scouts arrive April 20
Baby swallows out of nest June 28/29
Martins leave house July 25 (very hot June/July, lots of unhatched eggs, few young)
Early winter, lots of snow in Nov. ice forms in bay last days of Nov.

Ice out of the bay end of March
Swallows arrive April 18/96
1 Martin arrives May 9
Then there are several and it is just like past years
Martins leave Aug 5 after 1 week of flying lessons, cooler summer than last year
1st flock of ducks seen Aug 23/96

Ice suddenly leaves bay April 14, 1997
Swallows arrive April 16/97
Martins arrive May 2/97
Martins depart Aug 14

Ice out of Bay March 18 with assistance of Canada Coast Guard Hydrofoil
First swallows May 1/98
First purple martins May 6/98
Poor year, they gradually disappear end of July

The Purple Martin Conservation Association

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