Why install a blog on a family website?

A weblog, Web log or simply a blog, contains periodic posts on a common webpage. Often, the word blog is used to describe an online diary or journal. The weblog format of an online diary makes it possible for users without much experience to create, format, and post entries with ease. People write of their day-to-day experiences, complaints, poems, prose, and more, often allowing others to contribute, fulfilling to a certain extent the original view of the World Wide Web as a collaborative medium.

Online diaries are integrated into the daily lives of many teenagers and college students, with communications between friends playing out over their blogs.

The blog is a wonderful tool for helping families to overcome geographical and generational distances, bringing all family members closer together. Family members can easily post articles about themesleves and their interests and other family members can comment. It helps to build a strong family community.

You decide what categories to have. My family currently have the following categories: General – Books – Careers – Children – Family Tree – Music – Movies – Politics – Recipes – Sports – Travel.

I have learned much about my ‘West Coast’ nieces and nephews, whom I rarely see, from their blog entries.

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