Will the Internet end war?

Communication is the key to understanding and language is the key to communication.
Without a common language it is very difficult to communicate.
Without communication there is no understanding.
Without understanding there is suspicion.
Suspicion leads to distrust.
Distrust leads to hatred.
Hatred leads to violence.
Violence leads to suffering and death.
Suffering and death lead to revenge.
Revenge leads to more suffering and death and a continuous cycle of violence.

Could improved communication stop this cycle of violence? Could we use the Internet to improve communication between people who speak different languages? Could translation software allow people to read and write on the Internet in the language of their choice?

Could a Palestinian boy in Gaza write on the Internet in Arabic and have it read by an Israeli boy in Tel Aviv in Hebrew? Could a Chinese man post to the Internet in Chinese and have it read by a Canadian in English or French? Could a Muslim girl in the Middle East communicate with a Christian girl in the U.S. as if they both spoke the same language?

Wars are usually caused by dictators. Could Saddam Hussein have risen to power and survived if most Iraqis had access to email and the Internet? The Internet may eradicate war on Earth.

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